Product Safety

Committed to quality, safety & excellence.

At Jacmar Foodservice, temperature control and proper food handling is paramount. Each of our distribution centers has multiple temperature zones that build off the three basic temperatures of ambient (dry goods), refrigerated and frozen.

Jacmar’s policies and procedures that govern our receiving, storing and delivery functions ensure that the cold chain is maintained and that all product is handled and stored at the right temperatures with the proper safety.


Our refrigeration systems are designed with the latest technological advancements which allow for close monitoring.  Each system is equipped with preset range sensitivities where it alerts our people and our refrigeration vendors via smartphone, email and laptop computers if a temperature falls out of range.   In addition, our facilities are designed with redundancies that would allow for compressor transitions in case of emergency.


For ideal food storage, each of our facilities has been designed with multiple temperature zones within our refrigerated and frozen areas.

This allows us to store different types of produce, fresh meats, frozen goods, etc. at the proper temperatures based on each product type.


Our trailers are an extension of our warehouse with multiple temperature zones to ensure that our products are temperature controlled throughout the delivery process.  Each of our trailers is designed with flexible bulkheads that allow for different size loads to be managed appropriately between frozen, refrigerated and dry goods.  Bulk ice cream is shipped in insulated containers to maintain its temperature.  Produce is maintained with insulated refrigeration blankets that prevent overrefrigeration.

Compliance & Audits

Committed to exceeding all standards, Jacmar Foodservice maintains HAACP certified team members at each of its facilities and has consistently scored among the highest in the industry.  


Jacmar Foodservice has developed food safety programs to fully comply with the most current government mandated Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) guidelines, including professional education of our drivers, warehouse personnel, and district sales representatives and managers.  Jacmar Foodservice conducts regular self audits to review food safety programs, management systems and policies, pest control programs, operation methods and procedures, personnel practices, maintenance for food safety and cleaning practices. 

Jacmar Foodservice’s goal is to maintain an “Excellent” rating as a result of its third party audits.  In addition, Jacmar Foodservice reviews its quality control procedures on a twice-monthly basis for inventory, product handling, plant safety and integrity.  Jacmar Foodservice uses a self-auditing template designed by Alliance, an OSHA Cooperative Program.  Departmental supervisors and operations management conduct sanitation inspections daily. 

This multi-layered approach to food safety is then further subject to unannounced inspections by the USDA, FDA and local Health Departments allowing us to maintain the highest level of food safety protocols in the industry.